Discover Student Coin and Start Exploring New Utilities of Crypto

Discover Student Coin and Start Exploring New Utilities of Crypto

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In a time when recruiters are looking for people with higher education, students are seeking alternative solutions to not depend on student loans from banks in a fragile economy.

And not just students are in that position. Entrepreneurs who struggle to raise funds to bring their ideas to reality also need other financial options. Bank activities are unpredictable, and the competition for start-up funding is high.

At the same time, a particular financial innovation is gaining more and more popularity – blockchain technology. Most users are using cryptocurrencies for trading, gambling, and, most recently, yield farmings.

However, nobody thought this could also be the answer to students’ and entrepreneurs’ prayers – nobody except Student Coin’s team.

What is Student Coin?

Student Coin is a blockchain-based ecosystem that expands crypto usability and even crypto acceptance around the world.

The business was designed to meet two main goals – allowing individuals and legal entities to create their tokens and educating people to get rid of digital anxiety.

The project is backed up by no less than 500 universities worldwide, all of them recognizing its potential. Among them, you can find top institutions like Stanford, Harvard, and Newcastle.

What can you find in the ecosystem?

At the moment, there are two features that you can already access and two features that will be valid starting with Q3 of 2021.

Right now, we can find the following:

A learning page – which educates people in the crypto field.

The educational panel is divided into five parts, from basic information on blockchain technology to the analysis of the most popular crypto assets. Each part has several written courses, the completion of which is conditioned by passing the exams along the way.

A voting option

By holding their STC token, you have the right to vote in decisions on project development, make various petitions or even participate in the university’s elections.

Besides, two projects are still under development, which will completely change the way we look at crypto. Both are based on the STC Token, which can be purchased on their recent ICO:

The exchange option – something that every crypto project needs to have, a feature that will increase the value of STC-based tokens over time;

Personal tokens – that can easily be created by every user without the need for technical knowledge.

But creating tokens brings much more than it seems. This will be the beginning of a strategy that will delight students and entrepreneurs worldwide – crowdfunding.

What is the specific purpose of STC Crowdfunding?

In essence, the Student Coin team thought of this as a solution to decentralize student loans.

All a student has to do here is to create his own token and put it up for sale on the platform. Other users will buy these tokens to trade them, finally giving the student the money he needs to pay for college. This money is returned cyclically by students only after they graduate from college and find a job.

Through this method, students receive funding without fear of changes in the banks’ activity and the fees involved.

And this method can also be used by those who want financing to open their own business.


The crypto field has evolved a lot in recent years. As long as creative minds find new utilities for blockchain technology, the day when cryptocurrencies will overcome fiat will get closer.

This will provide greater financial stability and security of personal data, which we have wanted for years.

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